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Live Training Courses

Rescue Ready Services (RRS) offers training on Powerheart AEDs by company instructors who often have real-life experience using AEDs. With classes of up to either 5 or 10 students, every participant is able to gain valuable practice experience on his or her own mannequin. Your staff will also learn CPR skills that adhere to ECSI standards.



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Service & Maintenance

With RRS, we will service and maintain your AEDs through Cardiac Science technicians who have comprehensive background checks–no third-party contractors here. We conduct annual visits to your site to ensure your devices are in good working order and replace expired pads, batteries, and other components.



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Site Assessment & Rescue Support

RRS assesses your location to determine the optimal number of AEDs and then recommends the best placement for easy accessibility. Should an AED be deployed during an event, a Cardiac Science technician will visit the site within 48 hours to download the event details, replace device components, and reset the AED3.



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Medical Direction & Oversight

RRS provides your organization with medical direction and oversight. We will also help ensure that your program is compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Your AED program will be backed by a comprehensive indemnification policy2, providing peace of mind.

Rescue Ready® Services

Rescue Ready® Services offers reliable service and maintenance performed by trusted technicians who are thoroughly screened and qualified. Now combined with the power of PlusTrac™, we offer the most comprehensive solution in AED Program Management. Rescue Ready® Services is the trusted resource for ultimate peace of mind. To learn more about AED Rescue Ready Services programs and pricing, click here or call us at 1-800-426-0337.

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With Rescue Ready® Services, we will service and maintain your AEDs through our service technicians who are background checked and drug-screened. We conduct annual visits to your site to ensure your devices are in good working order and replace expired pads, batteries, and other components.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are more likely to save lives when they are implemented as part of a broader AED program designed, implemented and managed specifically for your organization. In fact, when your organization becomes a Rescue Ready AED Management Services member, data shows survival rates increase to more than 50 percent, up from the national average of only 5 percent.* Every day we hear reports from partners who have saved lives because of well designed AED program.

Why should you allow us to manage your program?

For starters, we have managed more than 200,000 AEDs worldwide to help communities, schools, and workplaces implement successful AED programs. We then customize your program to meet your organization’s needs and can include these services:

Maintenance from factory-certified AED technicians to perform scheduled service inspections and replace expired electrodes and/or batteries. Let us remove the burden of managing an AED program so your organization can focus on saving lives.

Trusted Technical Service & Maintenance

Rescue Ready Services is the only provider owned and operated by an AED manufacturer. Our customers get reliable service, covering everything from annual maintenance to device troubleshooting and post-rescue assistance. We offer more than just call center support - our technicians come to your facility for on-site service. Rescue Ready Services also offers service plans for select ZOLL™ and Cardiac Science™ AEDs.