A 911 Dispatch tool for AED locations, nearby responders and real-time updates

AEDLink expands the reach of 911 dispatchers to enable faster life-saving automated external defibrillator (AED) response to the community.

Very few 911 dispatch agencies are able to include any information about the location of public access AEDs or AED responders in their computer aided dispatch systems. Where such information is available, AEDs location are only available at that specific address. 911 systems are unaware of AEDs located next door, across the street or on another floor. As an example, if there is a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victim at a local coffee shop, dispatch agencies aren’t able to inform citizen responders about an AED located at the bank next door.
911 System Information Gap
AEDs to be retrieved and used rapidly, states and localities often lack the infrastructure to reliably and effectively track and monitor AED deployment. Further, 9-1-1 call takers and dispatchers handling SCA events generally lack critical information about the presence and location of these life-saving devices.

AEDLink™ bridges the gap in the chain of survival

911 dispatch informed
Identifies AED locations within 1,200 feet of a victim
aed locations
Shows Map of AEDs and trained responders locations
Responders icon
Dispatches responders and updates 911 dispatch

How AEDLink™ Works

AED Link software communicates with the dispatch system and, when the call code for sudden cardiac arrest is identified, an AED Link map pops up and displays registered AEDs in close proximity then, simultaneously and automatically, notifies nearby registered citizen AED responders with instructions to retrieve their AED and take it to the location of the SCA victim.

How AED Link Works Image


AEDLink™ provides EMS/Dispatch with a complete solution

AED Link 911 dispatch agency connectivity that fully conforms to agency network security requirements

No additional expensive CAD integration

Complete access to National AED Registry™

Integrated with PlusTrac, the leading AED Program Management solution

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What Our Users Say

"We are enthusiastic about our use of AED Link and are comforted to know that we can depend on the responders in your system to safely respond to nearby emergencies."

Dave Montesi, NREMT-P
Evergreen Fire Rescue, Supervisor
Evergreen Public Access Defibrillation, President

"When asked if an AED was available, the caller said no. However, the 911 dispatcher immediately identfied the shopping mall had an aed...this is a classic example of how AED Link was able to locate and activate the closest AED in an emergency that may have otherwise sat idle when needed most."

Dale Backlin, EMT - Paramedic
Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Coordinator
Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region - PAD Program

“I am lucky enough to be a cardiac arrest survivor due to the AED Link alert system that brought the responders and an AED to help me.”

Marc Drumheller

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