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Topics: AED Training CPR Computer-aided Rescue

What Is Computer-aided Rescue and Is It Right for Your Facility?

Digital technology is revolutionizing how emergency rescue training is delivered to non-professionals around the country. And if the year’s challenges have taught us anything, it’s that the need for such change has never been greater. During a pandem..

Topics: CPR Heart Health

5 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Statistics to Know for the Workplace

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month and presents a good opportunity to take stock of workplace safety equipment and training for sudden cardiac arrests (SCA). 

Topics: AED Training CPR Heart Health

Correct CPR Techniques During the COVID-19 Pandemic

All 50 US states have started to reopen in some capacity, according to this recent NY Times article. As markets begin ‘opening up’ and employees return to work, facility managers need to implement rigorous safety precautions to guard against a COVID-..

Topics: AED Training CPR

What Facility Managers Need To Know About CPR & AED Training

According to this 2017 article in Facility Executive, surveys by the American Heart Association, show that most workers in the United States haven’t received CPR and First Aid training, and half are unable to locate an automated external defibrillato..


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