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Topics: AED Registries

How a Custom AED Registry is Helping Prince Edward Island

After a senior’s hockey game, Ev White exited the ice when everything went black. He collapsed, head first, at the door.

Topics: AED Registries

5 States That Have a Successful AED Registry and Why

The key to having a successful AED registry is awareness of the requirements and a clear process in place for AED owners to provide the information required. There are barriers that keep AED registries from being successful and restrict access or pre..

Topics: AED Registries

What is PlusRx?

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are used in public and by laypersons. These “Good Samaritans” often have little or no training, and yet, through the instructions provided with the AED device are able to revive an unconscious person experienc..

Topics: AED Registries

Why AED Registries Don't Work

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) save lives during sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs), and nearly 60% of SCAs are witnessed and could provide assistance if an AED was nearby. It is well known that most hospitals have several AED devices placed str..


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