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How Well is Your Workplace Prepared for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

The possibility of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in the workplace is ever-present which can plague all of us whether in management or labor positions. The personal loss from losing a valued employee or a dear co-worker is something that is shared ..

Topics: AED Program Management AED Monitoring

Adapting Safety Procedures And Protocols For The Warmer Months

Oh boy! Here comes summer with sunshine, warm weather and the opportunity to be outdoors. 

Topics: AED Program Management AED Monitoring

AED Monitoring: You Can't Do Without It

Physically monitoring automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is a time-consuming endeavor for businesses. When checking the defibrillators, batteries and electrode pads, there are several steps that you must take to ensure your AED and its compo..

Topics: AED Program Management

The Evolving Links in the Chain of Survival

As a facility manager who’s responsible for keeping your workplace safe and prepared, you have likely heard of the Chain of Survival. The Chain of Survival represents the actions that rescuers — including bystanders, paramedics, and hospital perso..


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