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How Well is Your Workplace Prepared for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

The possibility of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in the workplace is ever-present which can plague all of us whether in management or labor positions. The personal loss from losing a valued employee or a dear co-worker is something that is shared ..

Topics: AED Maintenance

Could Your Facility Benefit from Rescue Ready® Services?

As a facility manager, you want your employees to be ready for safety issues that impact your workplace, including AED management, maintenance and staff training. Because it’s your goal to enhance health and safety measures at your facility and re..

Topics: AED Program Management AED Maintenance

Should You Update Your Workplace Safety Equipment?

When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, lives depend on having well-maintained AEDs and trained respondents in the workplace.

To achieve this, Facility Managers need to regularly check AED equipment and ensure staff are trained in CPR and AED administr..

Topics: AED Maintenance

AED Inspections — The Way Forward in the ‘New Normal’

As we adapt to the ‘new normal’ amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare methods and processes will have to be modified to comply with best practices, such as social distancing and limited person-to-person contact. It’s understandable t..


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