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Topics: AED Maintenance

Shocking Facts About Cardiac Arrest in Athletes

There’s no doubt that exercise is beneficial to both body and mind, but for those with existing, undiagnosed cardiac conditions, it can be fatal. This is especially true for athletes who engage in vigorous or competitive exercise that requires the..

Topics: AED Maintenance

Working Together To Help Save Lives: PlusTrac™ and Mobilize RRS

When a co-worker collapses and their heart stops beating, every second counts. In this high-pressure situation, even individuals with CPR training can succumb to stress and forget the basic steps needed to save a life. Fortunately, PlusTrac™ AED M..

Topics: AED Program Management AED Maintenance

Saving a Life Is Priceless: Understanding The Cost of AEDs

When purchasing an AED everyone thinks about the initial purchase price, but there are other costs associated with AEDs that facility managers need to keep in mind. The total cost of ownership of an AED is a combination of usage, age, supplies, ma..

Topics: AED Program Management AED Maintenance

Easing The Pain Points of Community Managers Related to AED Management

On a recent work trip, we met with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) manager who was simply overwhelmed. Constantly bombarded by questions, organizing spreadsheets to ensure all AEDs are up to date and parts are properly maintained, in a n..


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