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Topics: AED Program Management AED Maintenance

Should You Update Your Workplace Safety Equipment?

When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, lives depend on having well-maintained AEDs and trained respondents in the workplace.

To achieve this, Facility Managers need to regularly check AED equipment and ensure staff are trained in CPR and AED administr..

Topics: AED Training CPR Computer-aided Rescue

What Is Computer-aided Rescue and Is It Right for Your Facility?

Digital technology is revolutionizing how emergency rescue training is delivered to non-professionals around the country. And if the year’s challenges have taught us anything, it’s that the need for such change has never been greater. During a pan..

Topics: CPR Heart Health

5 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Statistics to Know for the Workplace

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month and presents a good opportunity to take stock of workplace safety equipment and training for sudden cardiac arrests (SCA). 

Topics: Atrial fibrillation

In Recognition of National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month

September is National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month, so we would like to do our part by sharing valuable information related to this common heart condition. The following insights are particularly valuable to risk managers and facility manag..


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