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Why Do I Need Medical Authorization For My AED

When AEDs were first introduced, manufacturers were able to bring them to market relatively easily using the premarket notification procedure allowed under the 1976 Medical Devices Amendments Act. Subsequent issues relating to recalls and high fai..

Topics: AED Program Management AED Training

5 Common Misconceptions About AED Use

An automatic external defibrillator (AED) can save lives. AEDs provide access to life-saving care at your business, event, or public gathering and can be used by team members without the need for a medical degree. Unfortunately, there are many mis..

Topics: AED Registries

How a Custom AED Registry is Helping Prince Edward Island

After a senior’s hockey game, Ev White exited the ice when everything went black. He collapsed, head first, at the door.

Topics: AED Maintenance

How To Bring Your AED Inspection Log Into The 21st Century

AED inspection is a critical on-going task to ensure the effective use of the device during a sudden cardiac arrest event.  Manual AED inspections are an overwhelming amount of work, especially in large facilities/campuses. Being overloaded with s..


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