PlusLearning™ Covers All AED Training Needs for a Ready and Compliant Program

A ready and compliant AED program needs trained volunteer responders with the competence and confidence they will need to help save a life. 


PlusLearning™ delivers a number of AED training services where and when you need them. Our PlusLearning™ training program is a nationally accredited AHA Training Center that can deliver training solutions in the U.S. within 30 days. Our qualified and proven professional educators have clinical or emergency medical backgrounds and have a minimum of five years’ experience. We provide training to organizations of all types and sizes and guarantee the quality and consistency of our training programs.



Our traditional CPR class is delivered at your facility by an instructor who teaches the selected curriculum in a hands-on and group-based environment. Colleagues committed to workplace safety and learning an important life skill, watch a mix of instructional and hands-on learning and get on the floor to test their skills in a simulated rescue.


Our online-only course is great for you if you're a remote employee, a single learner on the go, or need to recertify if you've already completed a traditional class. Online courses are flexible and can be accessed from anywhere at any time, but class types are limited. Please contact our training center to discuss options to fit your needs.


Blended training classes offer the ease of online learning to fit a busy schedule, and the comfort of an in-person instructor to perform a live-skills assessment. The online courses are designed to be self-paced and can be taken at any time of the day by logging onto the online portal. After completing the course, we will schedule an instructor to visit your location to verify the knowledge and ability to perform the requisite skills for up to three students.


Refresher Training

You can refresh your knowledge of CPR through these sites:
AHA 2020 Guidelines
Hands Only CPR



Find Out More

Our PlusLearning™ national network of experienced, certified trainers can go anywhere. We’re ready to provide AED, CPR, and first aid training in small, personalized classes that will give your volunteer responders the competence and confidence needed to save a life. Have a consultant get in touch to find out more about our PlusLearning™ offering.

To cover all your training needs