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Your AED Maintenance
Program Made Easy

AEDs help save lives, but it takes a lot to set up and maintain a successful AED program. A simple solution is to leave it to theRescue Ready® Services experts and let us do the worrying for you. With PlusCare™ on-site service and maintenance, certified technicians will help you troubleshoot device issues, replace expired pads/batteries, and more. 


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Customer Support

At some point in the life of your AED you will need help—this might be advice about the use or replacement of an AED, or what to do in the event of a recall. Why not rely on a PlusCare™ expert for ongoing support of your AED program?

Annual Maintenance

PlusCare™ offers reliable AED service and maintenance performed by trusted technicians who are thoroughly screened and qualified. On-site inspections, site assessments, accessory replacements and peace of mind that your equipment and responders will be ready when needed.

FDA/Manufacturer Recall Alert

Every few years, CPR guidelines and the use of AEDs are reviewed as the FDA takes into account the scientific and technological advancements around the treatment of SCA. This means that most AEDs on the market today have experienced some form of update, recall, or corrective action. It is important to keep your equipment up to date with the most recent guidelines.

Post-Event Support

SCA is a traumatic experience and it’s our hope that your AED never has to be used. But we know that AED programs are about people and, as such, SCA events are accompanied by strong emotions that will need to be dealt with at the time of the event and after. As a company that serves more AED program customers worldwide than any other, we know what to expect and how to help. PlusCare™ post-event services take care of your AED equipment as well as reporting so you can focus on what matters most—the people involved in an SCA event.

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